Jamie Iles

Contact Details

email: jamie <at> jamieiles <dot> com

gpg: public key, fingerprint: C622 D8F8 26C1 A1F7 94F5 C53F C686 AD0A 9B42 49F5

About Me

I am a software engineer, currently working for Oracle on Ksplice providing rebootless kernel updates for Linux systems. Prior to that I worked at Picochip (now Mindspeed), where I was responsible for the Linux port for picoxcell devices and embedded security amongst other things. I'm based in Bristol in the UK.

I have the beginnings of a blog aimed at recording useful programming things I've found.

Other Resources

I have a number of github repositories including the picoxcell Linux kernel tree, a 32-bit CPU written in verilog with tools, some configuration files and a bunch of miscellaneous scripts and projects in progress. My Ohloh profile lists some of my open source contributions, and my Linkedin profile lists my professional achievements. I've contributed patches to the Linux kernel to add support for ARM performance counters, the picoxcell family of ARM devices and associated drivers, support for device tree on ARM, and other bug fixes and driver improvements.